What is the CashRelay service?

CashRelay - it's a service, that provide the whole solution, software and hardware, for your payment or vending machine. If you want to accept banknotes and sell something automatically, such as different items, foods snacks, small electronic products, time for electricity access, you can use our solution for free. To create a system you need:

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CashRelay Android software! Download here: CashRelay

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1. Register on the website.
2. Get all required hardware: Bill validator, Android board, Relay.
3. Upload CashRelay software to the Android board and install it. CashRelay
3. Register your terminal in the system and get a serial number.
4. Attach all nessesary devices to Android board and run the software
5. Accept money and sell the products.

Hardware and software complex for payment, vending, snacks machines. CashRelay.

If you want to create a business for selling electricity, any products you want includung snacks, small electronic devices, time for access to any device, you can use our software solution. You'll simply need to get a recommended Android board, which you can buy in any third party place in the Internet. Attach to it bill validator and relay, and you are ready. Web interface provided after the registration will allow you to configure and monitor the devices. Android application will support the bill validator and relay. Thank you for using our service and give it a try.

The purchase of a candy bar from a traditional, coin-operated vending machine is easy to understand. The use of vending systems at automated facilities like laundromats and car washes, however, is more complex. The consumer is not paying for a tangible product, but rather for access to space and equipment, for energy usage and machine depreciation, and for utility usage. Modern advancements in vending system hardware and software offer such businesses a remarkable opportunity to improve efficiency and profitability.

In simplest terms, consumers at a service facility pay for time and access. Specifically, they pay for usage time; they do not pay for time spent waiting in line for a wash stall or dryer to become available. The precise usage tracking that modern vending systems offer enables service establishments to constantly monitor customer traffic flow and update their facilities to make sure that every opportunity to sell time and access is optimized.

Once consumers purchase that time, they are idle while the washing or other service takes place. That on-site “down” time provides a golden opportunity to entice a consumer with “secondary vending”—that is, vending beyond the basic service offered at the establishment.

On-site vending should of course include products relevant to the primary business, such as laundry soap or car care products. For those products, finding the ideal price point is essential. A customer will accept a little extra markup for convenience, but not too much. In the past, setting those prices was pure guesswork and changing them was tedious. With modern machines and associated software, prices can be adjusted instantly and remotely, and detailed sales figures can be called up at any time. Vendors can zero in on the pricing “sweet spot” in just a few days.

But making the most of customers’ time at the facility goes well beyond simply selling them car wash add-ons or laundry supplies. Additional vending is essential to maximize profitability. Modern food vending options are almost endless, from those traditional candy bars to organic fruits and pizza. Restocking such machines is far easier today than ever before. Telemetry software offers remote, real-time inventory information, so that restocking occurs only at optimal times and in optimal quantities, boosting efficiently immensely. Of course, arcade game options abound as well, and never require restocking at all.

To make the most of all these vending opportunities, facilities should do away with traditional change-making machines. An excellent alternative is a token dispenser that accepts bills, mobile payment systems, and credit and debit cards. Tokens eliminate the need for expensive coin slot adjustments to change prices for washing machines, and insure every dollar the consumer has exchanged will be spent on site.